The days are getting longer…

Gone are the days of leaving work in the pitch black, battleing galeforce winds and spending your nights planted in front of the TV in your pyjamas. Somewhere in-between Christmas and now, the evenings have slowly retreated, creeping back almost unnoticed. [Read more…]

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Yoga focus: with Jane Manze

Shaking the last dregs of the weekend reluctantly from my sleepy brain and body, I took some time away from my desk and joined in one of Jane Manze‘s Monday morning yoga drop-in classes.  An hour and a half later I emerged feeling invigorated and ready for the week ahead of me, before quizzing her on her passions, influences and what got her into yoga in the first place. [Read more…]

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Give someone you love a new course for Christmas.

Brrr. It’s been pretty chilly out there these last couple of days. If you’re daunted by the thought of having to go out there and brave the Christmas shopping rush, maybe its time to try something a little creative and give people something rather different this year? Ringing up for a christmas Gift Voucher for an Evolution course is a smart way to stay cosy and warm whilst doing your Christmas shopping!

We were also very honoured to have our gift vouchers mentioned in We Love Brighton’s list of quirky experiences to give people in Brighton (and Hove), so we’re celebrating by re-launching our Christmas gift vouchers for friends, family and partners.

How our Christmas Gift Vouchers work.

Either your friends, family and loved ones can choose their own course to do in the new year, or you can choose one for them. We take our orders for gift vouchers over the phone, whether you want to pay for a full course, or just contribute some of the money to it. To buy a gift voucher ring us on 01273 204204.

These courses have been particularly popular with people who have used our gift vouchers in the past;

Our weekend workshops

Often friends enjoy to spend the day having a new experience together.

Our friends massage workshops

Partners and friends often buy this course for one another and go together.

Improvised comedy workshops.

Sometimes it takes someone to book you onto a course to give you that leap of faith that you can do it!

If you know someone who has an interest that they’d love to pursue, and you think they’d benefit from a gift voucher, give the office a ring on 01273 204 204. We’re here in the office until the 23rd of December.

Merry Christmas!

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