Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing – book launch

In celebration of and as a thank you to our creative Evolution community, Evolution Arts and Wendy Ann Greenhalgh will be hosting a book launch event for Wendy Ann’s new book, Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing – A Creative Path to Awareness on 18th September.

Through anecdote and practical mindful excercises, Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing explores how everyone can draw and how even doodling or simple mark making can create a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. As children we draw effortlessly and with abandon and it is only later as adults our mind tells us we cannot draw or our art simply isn’t good enough. The seed of doubt is sown and we slavishly succumb to it unable to shake it off.

Day to day things, however small and insignificant can often get in the way and create barriers to our art and here Wendy Ann discusses how mindfulness can help remove these barriers.  It can can help deal with our internal voice, the internal critic that tells us we aren’t good enough, we’re not doing it right or that’s not how it’s supposed to look and therefore bring back joyfulness to our drawing. We as mindful artists can rediscover the playful pleasure in drawing.

wendy ann
Author Wendy Ann Greenhalgh

The book has an easy and accessible approach, but can also work on a much deeper level of mindfulness practice if you want it to.  It has a broad appeal as no experience in either drawing or the practice of mindfulness is necessary to gain something from the book. It’s for those who haven’t drawn since they were at school, for those who don’t feel they’re any good at drawing, or for those who are experienced in art but are looking for a new approach. It contains enlightening chapters on still life, landscapes and cityscapes, life drawing and portraiture and themes of experiencing change, love, kindness and self compassion run throughout its course.

Wendy Ann refers to the practice of mindfulness and the art of drawing as a “gentle, self-compassionate approach to unblocking creativity” and a useful tool for removing the barriers to our drawing.  Through following these practices, Wendy Ann herself has changed as an artist. and feels that mindfulness has influenced her compositions and transformed her own relationship with drawing. She recently attended her first life drawing class in 17 years.  Having felt frustrated at previous classes, comparing her work to others and letting her inner critic take over, like most of us do, she felt completely different this time. She simply let go, was present in the moment and just drew. Her approach to drawing has changed, whereas she now approaches it as a process rather than an end product.

The book draws on her own experience as an Arts educator and artist and her 20 years of mindfulness practice.  She has worked professionally as a photographer, illustrator, performance artist, filmmaker, poet and author and has practicised mindfulness meditation since her teens. She has tutored at Evolution Arts for five years.

“Evolution has been a real home from home for me for the last five years. It’s the place I first started teaching my own vision for creativity and mindfulness, so it feels only right that the first celebration for my book, should be with the Evolution Community. It’s a thank-you to all the lovely people who’ve come on courses over the years, helping to make Evolution a hub for creativity and mindfulness in the city.”  Wendy Ann Greenhalgh.

The book launch will take place at Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex BN1 2LR on 18th September at 7.30pm. This is a free event but due to limited numbers you will require a ticket to enter.  Tickets can be acquired by clicking here.  The event will preview the book where you will have the opportunity to purchase a signed copy ahead of it’s major release in October.  The evening will include a 40 minute mindfulness drawing class with Wendy Ann followed by a Q&A session with the author herself.

You can find out more about Wendy Ann Greenhalgh by visiting her Facebook Page or Website.  Wendy Ann Greenhalgh has some mindfulness and creative courses / workshops starting this September at Evolution Arts. Participants will have the opportunity to book onto these courses at a concessionary rate on the night.

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