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There’s hardly a moment to breathe in Brighton in May, let alone find time for your own artistic pursuits. The Brighton Festival, the Brighton Fringe, The Great Escape and Artists Open Houses catapult the city into a frenzy of culture and creativity. With so much theatre, music, dance, performance and art to feast on this month, June will be a good time to give your mind and body a break, whilst tapping into your own creative potential.

Stop Look Breathe Create 3 Challenge

To celebrate the upcoming release of her new creative mindfulness book, Stop Look Breathe Create – Wendy Ann Greenhalgh author of Mindfulness and the Art of Drawing: A creative path to awareness  is launching a new FREE three week creative mindfulness course you can do online and at home. The first ever run of it starts on the 5th of June and continues for 3 weeks until the 25th of June and she’s inviting the Art of Mindfulness Community to do it TOGETHER as a follow up to their Mindful Drawing Month. Here’s how it works…

Boosting Creativity

Over the 3 weeks of the challenge you’re going to explore the 3 Stop Look Breathe Create creative mediums – mindful photography, drawing and writing.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself an artist or even especially creative. Wendy Ann has taught these simple creative mindfulness practices to people who’ve told her they can’t draw, are awful at taking photos, and can never think of anything to write.

These people always leave a workshop with drawings under their arm, photos on their cameras, and words on the page.

Mindful creativity is all about process – about enjoying creating and using it as a way of becoming more mindful of our bodies and minds, and of the world around us – it’s not about end results or being perfect. This means Stop Look Breathe Create is for everyone.

Deepening Mindfulness

So you’ll have your 3 creative mediums and over 3 weeks you’re going to combine them with the 3 minute breathing space, a very special mindfulness meditation.

The 3 minute breathing space was developed through MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) programs by teachers like Jon Kabat Zinn and Professor Mark Williams.

It’s considered a key part of these programs because it’s the meditation practice that helps people develop the habit of mindfulness in every moment of their lives.

The breathing space is an immensely accessible and powerful practice for growing inner resources of groundedness, calm and self-compassion. In the case of a Stop Look Breathe Create breathing space – you’re nurturing creativity too.

Developing the daily mindfulness habit

Just as daily mindfulness has proven benefits – so too does daily creativity.

The Stop Look Breathe Create 3 Challenge will help you develop the habit of daily practice so that you can start to feel the benefits too.

The FREE 3 Challenge course materials will support you through the 3 weeks of the challenge. You’ll get:

* Three guided 3 minute breathing space meditations on MP3,
* Three MP3 mini-tutorials on drawing, photography and writing
* Three tips on how to develop your creative mindfulness practice for each week of the challenge in your 30 page PDF course booklet
* A Meditation Diary for you to keep track of your progress on the weekly challenges.

If you’d like to join us for the first ever 3 Challenge then you’ll need to sign up for the Art of Mindfulness community Enews by following this link:

PLEASE DO SHARE this event with all your friends, the more people who join in the better – let’s spread the word about the benefits and joys of daily mindfulness and creativity.

If you do intend to join in and take the 3 Challenge then it would also be great if you registered by clicking the GOING button on the Facebook event. This will give everyone a strong sense of the community of creative, mindful people they’ll be sharing the experience with.

Any questions just contact Wendy Ann.

There’s lots going on in May at Evolution Arts, so if you’re suffering from festival fever, take time out and enrol on one of this month’s innovative and exciting courses, workshops or drop-ins: Introduction to Enamelling  Hatha Yoga, A Journey Within The Body, Silent Tea Ceremony, Figure Drawing & Costume in Mixed Media, Introduction to Portrait Photography, Freedom in Music, Butoh Dance and Introduction to Portrait Photography.

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The extraordinary beauty of the everyday

Finding the beautiful in the everyday…..isn’t this something we often forget to do? Busy lives, heads down.  Remember to look up occasionally and see what’s really there.  Beyond the noise and disruption is our community, our people, our lives. For Ever Amber, a new exhibition featuring 150 original film clips and photographs capturing the extraordinary beauty of the everyday, is now on show at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle Upon Tyne until 19 September 2015.

amber 1
Sirkka Liisa Konttinen, Girl On a Spacehopper 1971

The Amber Collective came together as students, over 45 years ago, celebrating working class culture through film and photography. The exhibition is a study in community, tradition, working lives and colourful local characters. At times both enchanting and challenging, the images reveal a history of hardship yet rejoice in reminding us that the beautiful can be found in the everyday.

Another inspiring body of work is that of photojournalist, John Bulmer. His use of vivid colour against industrial landscapes, created stark contrasts enabling the viewer to seek out the beautiful. His early 1960s work documents the people and landscape of the north of England. Bulmer’s work was inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson’s ethos of understanding life through photography.

John Bulmer, Mill Girls in Elland, Yorkshire, 1965

The use of colour empowered photographer and painter, Jacques Henri Lartigue to find the beautiful in the everyday. Though more widely known for his black and white images, a new exhibition in Paris celebrates for the first time his photos of  50’s and 60’s France, shot in glorious technicolour. Dazzling bright, Lartigue captured life, motion and light.

Jacques Henri Lartigue, Florette, Vence, May 1954

These extraordinary images have a truth and honesty that is powerful and life affirming.  Moments captured in time, featuring the human condition in public places.  Each image has a story to tell. They transcend the everyday, affording us the opportunity to really see the world around us.

Feeling inspired? Challenge yourself to find the beauty within your community, on your streets. We celebrate photography in many forms here at Evolution Arts and offer a range of photography courses with tutors Natasha Lythgoe and Eva Kalpadaki. Courses and workshops including portrait, street and abstract photography will be starting in the autumn. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and develop their skills at all levels and learn creative techniques and practical skills that will give a good grounding in the artform.

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