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So here we are in January, when the fairy lights of Christmastime dwindle and Western Road, Brighton & Hove no longer greets us with tidings of Peace, Love and Winkle (sorry, I meant Twinkle, I was too close to spot the T). But do not fear, this month might signal the end of bright baubles, mince pies for breakfast, and Dad’s eggnog fuelled dancing to Slade, but it’s also the perfect month for trying new things. Forget Dry Jan. Welcome to Try Jan!

Trying something new may feel scary, but it has a number of invaluable benefits: it can boost your confidence, increase your knowledge of yourself and the world around you, and you may discover new talents, interests and friends to boot. In the words of Carrie Fisher, god rest her cinnamon buns – “Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.”

To help you through Try Jan we’ve compiled a list of ten new things that you can give a go in and around Brighton & Hove, or even from the comfort of your hopefully now pine-needle-free home.

  1. Improvised Comedy Course  – Get your creative cogs and confidence spinning with the award-winning improvised comedy troupe The Maydays.
  2. Butoh Dance Workshop – Set your body free with this avant-garde dance philosophy/method which emerged in post-war Japan.
  3. Laughter Yoga – really is the best medicine, and  by combining it with deep yogic breathing you will energise, relax, calm and connect, without the effort of a downward dog.
  4. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy  –This course will help you shake off those January blues and equip you with tools to help you lead a more stress-free and enriched life in each moment.
  5. Nutrition Course – After all those sugar-coated festive indulgences, discover the key elements of nutrition and how to eat your way to a healthy mind and body.
  1. Brighton Table Tennis Club –This award-winning tennis club offers group and 1:1 sessions for people of all ages & backgrounds to improve health, celebrate diversity and build a strong community. There are also sessions for people recovering from cancer and those with dementia.
  2. Collage and Mixed Media  – Wondering what to do with your old Christmas cards and decorations? Why not turn them and any found items and embellishments into beautiful new pieces on a course which covers techniques from collage to printing.
  3. Acting Classes  –Release your inner thespian in a very friendly and supportive environment.
  4. Life Drawing – Pick up your pencil and pop along to the Marwood Cafe for some cosy laid-back life drawing.
  5. Rosen Method Body Work – Treat yourself to some hands on healing through body and breath work that tackles chronic muscle tension and unconscious emotion (contact Brighton-based practitioner Georgia Aspion: / 07973269155).

For those of you who have consigned yourself to an alcohol free Dry January, here are a few ideas for making your month merry in other ways.

  1. As We Are Series – check out this brand new Brighton based web series, which is already reaping recognition and awards across the globe.
  2. Indulge in some sausage-shaped shenanigans ‘My Sausage and I’ courtesy of Brighton’s funniest non-Batman comedian and organiser of the legendary Got Ham comedy night at the Joker on the first Wednesday of the month (oh, and for this month only, tonight!) and the talented Nikki Fishpool.
  3. It’s a laugh a nano-second at Brighton’s now-not-so-secret comedy night ‘The Secret Comedy Club’ A friendly and cosy night with established and up-and-coming comedians from Brighton and beyond at the dinky ‘n delightful Artista Studio.
  4. Are you sitting comfortably? Then pick up your pen or pencil and click here to enjoy a free 20 minute mindful drawing meditation with our renowned creative mindfulness tutor Wendy Ann Greenhalgh. If you sign up for her newsletter you will get free meditations or podcasts, book news, featured blogs and insights into her own creative mindfulness practice straight to your inbox every other month. Wendy Ann’s popular Mindfulness and the art of Creativity course starts again at Evolution Arts this February, you can book your place here.


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