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 They say in London you’re never more than six feet from a rat. In Brighton you’re never more than six feet from a downward dog. Yoga is to Brighton & Hove as fake-tan is to Essex, and yoga classes in the city come in all shapes and stretches.

When Evolution Arts opened in 1993 it was one of the first places to offer yoga classes in Brighton. During these halcyon days, when Iyengar was the yoga du-jour, it was usual to find up to 30 people in a class. So great was the demand, that before long Evolution’s keen yogis started spilling over and filling the large upstairs space of the Old Market.

The yoga boom continued and by the end of the Noughties yoga was no longer the preserve of spiritual Buddhists and hippies seeking a way to stretch their minds and bodies towards enlightenment. With celebrities such as Madonna and Sting flaunting their toned, bendy bods and championing the benefits of the faster and more furious Astanga yoga, soon the hip and trendy wanted a slice of the yogic-pie.

Yoga centres started springing up on every other Brighton street corner, and more and more people from all walks of life started turning to yoga as an antidote to life in the stress lane.

Today it is estimated that up to a million people practise yoga in the UK, and according to BYW figures the number of teachers is growing by at least 10 per cent a year. As well as the more traditional schools of yoga, new and more commercial styles are emerging, with teachers tapping into the zeitgeist in a bid to attract more people their classes. In Brighton alone, you can practise a different style of yoga every day of the week: Kundalini,  Vinyassa, Scaravelli, Vajrasati, Dynamic Hot Yoga, Restorative, Yin Yang, the list goes on – there’s even Naked Yoga classes for those looking, quite literally, to free up their down dog. With the recent addition of Berlin’s Beer Yoga – where a bottle of beer is incorporated into and drunk during the session – to the international yoga scene, and the Buti yoga craze, which is all about shaking your bootie, yoga’s popularity is far from peeking and sun (or beer) salutations could soon be hitting the mats of the masses.      

Evolution Arts offers a selection of yoga courses and drop-ins with some of Brighton’s most renowned and experienced instructors. Whether you’re after the invigorating and rejuvenating experience of Scaravelli, the slow-paced stretches and simple breathing exercises of Hatha or the slow-moving strap, block and chair using Iyengar, when it comes to yoga in Brighton, Evolution Arts is still where it’s at. Namaste.

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